Alphabetical Listing of Services - T - Manitoulin/Sudbury

Talk4Healing - Helpline   Thunder Bay
TC Dental   Espanola
Tender Toes Advanced Foot Care Service - Coniston   Coniston
Tender Touch Footcare   North Bay
Thalassemia Foundation of Canada   North York
Thalidomide Victims Association of Canada   Montreal Information Network   London
Therapeutic Touch - Foot Care - Parry Sound   Parry Sound
Thompson Pharmacy - Sudbury   Sudbury
Threads of Life - Association for Workplace Tragedy Family Support   London
THRIVE Child Development Centre   Sault Ste Marie
Thunder Bay Military Family Resource Centre - HMCS Griffon   Thunder Bay
Thyroid Cancer Canada   Toronto
Thyroid Foundation of Canada   Bath
Timmins and District Victim Services   Timmins
Total Nursing Care - Sudbury   Sudbury
Tourette Canada   Mississauga
Tourette Syndrome Association of Ontario   Barrie
TRAC Group - Sudbury   Ottawa
Trans Lifeline  
Transitional Home Health and Transition House   Val Caron
Translation and Interpretation Services  
Transportation - Driver Assessment and Rehabilitation  
Tremblay Counselling Services - Timmins   Timmins
Tremblay Wellness - Pam Tremblay - Sundridge   Sundrige
Trillium Gift of Life Network   Toronto
Trinity United Church Capreol - Bread and Roses Food bank   Capreol
Tuberous Sclerosis Canada   Barrie
Tuberous Sclerosis Canada Sclérose Tubéreuse   Barrie
Turner Syndrome Society of Canada   Ottawa
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