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Thursday, October 05, 2017


It was a great day to be at the Sudbury Farmers’ Market and check out everything ‘sunflower’ at the Second Annual Giant Sunflower Contest, hosted by Foodshed Project (formerly the Sudbury Community Garden Network).
Foodshed would like to thank everyone who helped out at the event, Topper’s Pizza and the Horticultural Society for their donation of prizes and extends special thanks to all the gardeners who took the time to tend to their plants all season long and share them at this community event.
Congratulations to all the contest winners:
1. Tallest Sunflower: Perry Kirkbride (11 feet ½ inch)
2. Largest Sunflower Head: Destiny Roy (15”)
3. Children's Tallest Sunflower: Nora (mom Alisa) from St. James School (9 feet 4 1/2 inches)
4. Children's Largest Sunflower Head: Violet Anselmo (14 “)
This was the second contest for Foodshed Project in its efforts to celebrate ALL gardeners that exist in this city and the many wonderful community gardens across Greater Sudbury. “It’s our vision to see at least one community garden in every ward. Hopefully through fun initiatives like the Sunflower Contest we can continue to inspire both seasoned and up and coming young gardeners, to keep gardening and perhaps grow their appreciation for fresh local food and the need to be responsible stewards of the environment,” said Tammy Cheguis.
About Foodshed Project
The Foodshed Project (formerly the Community Garden Network) is a not-for-profit whose mission is to increase opportunities and access to community gardening in the Sudbury district. We have been around since 2011, to learn more visit
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