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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Northerners Pledging to Make a Change

October 11, 2017 -- North East Local Health Integration Network (NE LHIN) staff and board directors are pledging to do their part to make positive health system changes this fall and are inviting Northerners, connected to the health care system, to take part in the movement to build a stronger culture of compassionate quality care.

Change Day Ontario, sponsored by Health Quality Ontario (HQO), is happening now. It was launched last month and it isn’t only a day, but a movement that runs until November 17th, culminating with a day of celebration. As part of Change Day, people are encouraged to make pledges to create positive change for themselves, their teams, or their patients.

By tapping into the ideas, stories, and passion of Northerners, Change Day provides the opportunity for grassroots participation that can lead to positive and constructive dialogue and changes.

“In health care, people are always the most critical resource for driving improvements,” said Kate Fyfe, Interim CEO of the North East LHIN. “We all have the power to make healthy change happen. This is an opportune time, to take advantage of Change Day, and make a pledge – big or small – that demonstrates the commitment we Northerners have in strenghtneing our health care system.”

As part of Change Day, individuals and groups are encouraged to make pledges to create positive change for themselves, their teams, or their patients. Pledges can be big or small, so long as they are meaningful to the person making them. More information about Change Day is available on the Change Day Ontario website including, details on upcoming events, an updated pledge tracker, and an interactive map showing participation from across the province.

• Quality care is one of the priority areas identified in the North East LHIN’s most recent strategic plan -- Integrated Health Service Plan.
• Under the leadership of Dr. Reena Dhatt, NE LHIN Clinical Quality Lead, the NE LHIN’s Regional Quality Table develops strategies to drive system-wide improvements and better patient outcomes.
• Change Day began in the United Kingdom in 2013 and has since spread to 17 countries.
• In Canada, the provinces of Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia are holding Change Days.
• An assessment of British Columbia’s first Change Day in 2015 found that 89% of participants had acted on their pledge.
• Change Day Ontario is sponsored by Associated Medical Services (AMS) and Health Quality Ontario (HQO).

To learn more about Change Day Ontario, please visit:

To learn more about how the North East LHIN is working to improve quality care in Northeastern Ontario, please visit:
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