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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The NCF is Proud to Announce Successful Bursary Applicants

SUDBURY, ON – Tuesday evening saw a gathering of stakeholders, board members and students at the Northeast Cancer Centre (NECC) as the Northern Cancer Foundation (NCF) celebrated the successful bursary applicants of 2017-2018.

“We equate these bursaries with investing in our future. All of the applicants have shown that they are outstanding in the fields of cancer care and we want them to set the bar high moving forward as well,” says Tannys Laughren, Executive Director of the NCF, “so many people give to us, it’s so important that we give back

In total, the NCF is contributing $11,000 to the future education of the bursary winners. Please see the list of bursaries and successful candidates below.
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