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Hepatitis - North East

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver of viral or toxic origin, which is usually made manifest by jaundice and, in some instances, liver enlargement. Fever and other systemic disorders are usually present. Included are infectious, serum and toxic hepatitis.

See also Liver Disease.

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These services serve all or part of North East
AIDS Committee of North Bay and Area - HIV-Hep C Services   North Bay
Group Health Centre - Sault Ste Marie - McNabb St - Hep Care Program   Sault Ste Marie
Northern Hepatitis Centre of Excellence - Sudbury   Sudbury
Porcupine Health Unit - Cochrane - Sexual Health Clinic   Cochrane
Porcupine Health Unit - Hearst - Sexual Health Clinic   Hearst
Porcupine Health Unit - Hornepayne - Sexual Health Clinic   Hornepayne
Porcupine Health Unit - Iroquois Falls - Sexual Health Clinic   Iroquois Falls
Porcupine Health Unit - Kapuskasing - Sexual Health Clinic   Kapuskasing
Porcupine Health Unit - Matheson - Sexual Health Clinic   Matheson
Porcupine Health Unit - Moosonee - Sexual Health Clinic   Moosonee
Porcupine Health Unit - Smooth Rock Falls - Sexual Health Clinic   Smooth Rock Falls
Porcupine Health Unit - Timmins - Sexual Health Clinic   Timmins
Réseau ACCESS Network - Sudbury   Sudbury

These services are located outside of North East, but provide service to North East.
CTAC   Toronto
Link to connect.northeasthealthline.ca