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Respite Care for Adults - North East

Respite care offers temporary, substitute living arrangements or special care in the home for adults with disabilities in order to provide a brief period of relief or rest (usually more than twenty-four hours) for the family members, guardians or other people who are their regular caregivers.

See In-Home Nursing and In-Home Personal Support for programs that offer the services of substitute caregivers who provide respite care in the individual's own home.

Short-stay programs are offered by some Long-Term Care Homes and Retirement Homes for adults living in the community with long-term care needs and/or who require care when recovering or stabilizing. Admission to these short-stay programs is through Local Health Integration Networks. A few long-term care homes offer private short-stay respite care. Apply directly to the residential home.

See also Adult Day Programs and In-Home Hospice Care.

These services serve all or part of North East
Access Better Living - Timmins - Respite Care Program  
733 Ross Ave E, Suite 3, Timmins, ON  P4N 8S8
Adult Enrichment Centre - North Bay - Respite  
219 Main St E, Suite 217, North Bay, ON  P1B 1B2
Almaguin Highlands Community Living - Powassan  
461 Main St, Powassan, ON  P0H 1Z0
Bayshore Home Care Solutions North East - Sault Ste Marie  
Elgin Towers, 390 Bay St, Suite 304, Sault Ste Marie, ON  P6A 1X2
Bayshore Home Health - Sault Ste Marie  
262 Queen St E, Suite 200, Sault Ste Marie, ON  P6A 1Y7
Canadian Shield Health Care Services - Sudbury  
410 Falconbridge Rd, Unit 4, Sudbury, ON  P3A 4R8
CarePartners - North Bay - Respite  
195 First Ave W, North Bay, ON  P1B 3B8
CarePartners - Timmins - Respite  
107 Wilson Ave, Timmins, ON  P4N 2S8
Cassellholme, East Nipissing District Home for the Aged (The) - North Bay - Community Support Services - Caregiver Respite Program  
400 Olive St W, North Bay, ON  P1B 6J4
705‑474‑4250 ext 238 or 241
Christian Horizons - North District Office - Sudbury Westmount Day Program  
430 Westmount Ave, Unit I and J, Sudbury, ON  P3A 5Z8
Community Living - Parry Sound - Respite Services  
38 Joseph St, Parry Sound, ON  P2A 2G5
Community Living - Timmins - Passport Program  
166 A Brousseau Ave, Timmins, ON  P4N 5Y4
Community Living Algoma - Adult Supports - Sault Ste Marie  
99 Northern Ave E, Sault Ste Marie, ON  P6B 4H5
Community Living Algoma - East Algoma - Adult Supports - Elliot Lake  
Lester B Pearson Civic Centre, 255 Hwy 108 N, Elliot Lake, ON  P5A 2T1
705‑848‑2475 (Elliot Lake)
705‑356‑0464 (Blind River)
Community Living Algoma - North Algoma - Adult Supports - Hornepayne  
90 Front St, Hornepayne, ON  P0M 1Z0
Community Living Algoma - North Algoma - Adult Supports - Wawa  
26 St Marie St, 2nd Fl, Wawa, ON  P0S 1K0
Community Living Espanola  
345 Centre St, Espanola, ON  P5E 1E4
Community Living Manitoulin  
6266B Hwy 542, Mindemoya, ON  P0P 1S0
Community Living Mattawa - Passport Program  
250 Tenth St, Mattawa, ON  P0H 1V0
Community Living North Bay - Respite services  
214 2nd Ave W, North Bay, ON  P1B 3K9
705‑476‑5117 ext 225
Community Living Temiskaming South  
513 Amwell St, Haileybury, ON  P0J 1K0
Friends (The) - Seniors Services Program - Burk's Falls  
Almaguin Highlands Health Centre, 150 Huston St, Burk's Falls, ON  P2A 2R2
Friends (The) - Seniors Services Program - Parry Sound  
27 Forest St, Parry Sound, ON  P2A 2R2
Hearst Community Living  
905 Georges St, Hearst, ON  P0L 1N0
ICAN - Independence Centre and Network - Sudbury - Post Stroke Transitional Care Program  
765 Brennan Rd, Sudbury, ON  P3C 1C4
705‑673‑0655 ext 203
James Bay Association for Community Living - Moosonee  
18 Fourth St, Moosonee, ON  P0L 1Y0
M'Chigeeng First Nation - Health Services - Wellness Centre  
61 Lakeview Dr, M'Chigeeng, ON  P0P 1G0
Magnetawan First Nation - Health Centre - Respite Care  
10 Hwy 529, Britt, ON  P0G 1A0
Maison McCulloch Hospice - Visiting Hospice Services  
1028 South Bay Rd, Sudbury, ON  P3E 6J7
705‑674‑9252 ext 236
Mamaweswen North Shore Tribal Council - N'Mninoeyaa Aboriginal Health Access Centre  
473 B Hwy 17, Cutler, ON  P0P 1B0
Near North Palliative Care Network - Nipissing and Parry Sound - Respite  
St Joseph Motherhouse, 2025 Main St W, North Bay, ON  P1B 2X6
Nipissing First Nation - Health Services - Home and Community Care Program - Respite Care  
Lawrence Commanda Health Centre, 58 Semo Rd, Garden Village, ON  P2B 3K2
No Place Like Home Care - Parry Sound  
Parry Sound
North East Association for Community Living - Kapuskasing, Cochrane and District - Cochrane  
18 Aurora Ave, Cochrane, ON  P0L 1C0
ParaMed - Sudbury  
1188 St Jerome St, Unit 104, Sudbury, ON  P3A 2V9
Seizure and Brain Injury Centre  
Kinross Place, 733 Ross Ave E, Timmins, ON  P4N 8S8
Serpent River First Nation - Cutler - Geka Wigwam Seniors Lodge - Home and Community Care Program - Respite Care  
32 Ballpark Rd, Cutler, ON  P0P 1B0
Services de santé de Chapleau Health Services - Turning Point Décisif - Community Support Services - Respite Care at Home  
8 Lorne St S, Chapleau, ON  P0M 1K0
Sudbury Developmental Services  
245 Mountain St, Sudbury, ON  P3B 2T8
Sudbury Developmental Services - Centre Base Respite  
245 Mountain St, Sudbury, ON  P3B 2T8
705‑674‑1451 ext 229
Sudbury-East Seniors Support - Noelville - Respite Services  
44 St Christophe St, Unit 2, Noelville, ON  P0M 2N0
Temagami First Nation - Doreen Potts Health Centre - Home and Community Care - Respite  
General Delivery, Bear Island, ON  P0H 1C0
Total Nursing Care - Sudbury  
Southside Business Centre, 1375 Regent St S, Unit Main A, Sudbury, ON  P3E 6K4
Transitional Home Health and Transition House - Short term living Accommodations at Transition House - Sudbury  
Val Caron
Universal Medical Centre - Greater Sudbury - Home Care - Non Medical Services - Respite Care  
2153 Armstrong St, Sudbury, ON  P3E 4W2
VON Victorian Order of Nurses - North East District - Greater Sudbury - Adult Day Program  
2140 Regent St S, Suite 16, Sudbury, ON  P1B 7K9
VON Victorian Order of Nurses - North East District - Greater Sudbury - Respite care  
2140 Regent St S, Suite 16, Sudbury, ON  P1B 7K9
705‑671‑1575 ext 2010
Zhiibaahaasing First Nation - Health Centre - Home and Community Care - Respite Care  
36 Sagon Rd, Zhiibaahaasing, ON  P0P 1X0

These services are located outside of North East, but provide service to North East.
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